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10 purchasing triggers


10 purchasing triggers

Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication, but don't forget about appealing to the emotional site too. Here we detail the key emotions to tap into to appeal to your key prospects, why it is effective across different media types, and how to carefully put together your own emotional copy using the most powerful words and phrases.

10 Critical emotions to invoke:

  1. Fear

    Don't get left behind

  2. Guilt

    Your contribution can make the difference between these children eating or going to bed hungry

  3. Trust

    No gimmicks or hidden costs

  4. Value

    You won't find a better deal anywhere else!

  5. Belonging

    Join today and find out what all the buzz is about

  6. Competition

    Get in first and make all your friends green with envy

  7. Instant Gratification

    We can solve all your problems today, call us.

  8. Leadership

    You will be the market leader with this fantastic website from View9

  9. Trendsetting

    Dress just like lady gaga

  10. Time

    Our productivity apps will half the time it currently takes you to do the same job

Emotion is More effective than logic in advertising

When 2 groups of people received 2 different donation seeking letters, one with stats, the other with an emotional story, the emotional letter received an average donation that was more than double the statistics laden letter

  • 31%

    of advertisers report significant profit gains with emotional campaigns

  • 16%

    report the same with rational campaigns

  • 26%

    report the same with a combination of rationality and emotion

How to take words from rational to emotional

  • Additionally = There's More
  • Concerned = Worried
  • Difficult = Tough/Hard
  • Immediately = Right Now
  • Perhaps = Maybe
  • Superior = Better
  • Terminate = End

Enticing Ecommerce Copywriting

Terms that influence online shoppers to buy

  • 77%

    Free Shipping

  • 56%

    Free Returns

  • 43%

    In Store return option

  • 41%

    Use in store coupons online

  • 41%

    Fast Shipping

  • 40%

    In store pickup available

  • 27%

    Better selection of products

  • 17%

    More payment options

But know your market!

FREE is far more powerful than any other discount.... However, providers of high end goods and services should avoid free offers as it may appear to cheapen the brand

The 10 most powerful words in the english language

  • You
  • Health
  • Guarantee
  • Discover
  • Results
  • New
  • Save
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Proven


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