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Angular Developers Brisbane


Angular Developers Brisbane

Looking for an Angular.js Development Company in Brisbane?

Last year we decided that we should offer Angular development as a service. Recent studies show that PHP is slowly declining and Angular is on the rise.

What can you build with Angular?

Web apps and websites are best suited for Angular, the lightweight framework allows for less server requests and therefore performance is greatly improved. Many of our clients are now opting for an Angular front-end to go on top of their existing Drupal installation. This is especially important for User Experience as the user will have a quicker response and therefore you make more sales. Angular is also quicker to develop and test with less code, which means potential cost savings to the client.

Angular and SEO

How well does Angular perform with SEO? Angular is simply a front-end technology, we can develop any web app with angular and still provide Google with the information it needs to rank your website. In short, there is absolutely zero difference for SEO reasons between Angular and other HTML technologies for SEO.

Angular Hosting

View9 also offers Angular compatible hosting which complies with Australian data sovereignty laws, based in Brisbane. Our locally based servers provide enterprise grade hosting and you can be assured of maximum performance and uptime for your software.

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