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How much does an App cost?


How much does an App cost?

How much does an iPhone or android app cost?

This question would be the most asked question we hear at View9. In reality its impossible to say without having a look at a SRS (Software Requirements Specification) for your app. A SRS is like a blueprint for your app and contains every intricate detail, if you were to compare building an app to building a house, the two are actually very similar in the process.

If you were to ask a builder how much to build you a house, he would ask you, how many rooms, how many stories, what type of finish, what is the foundation like etc... Mobile app development is very similar, we need to know things like, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows? Do you need a web portal to manage content? Do you plan to have in-app purchasing? Is the user interface design generic, customised or branded? etc... For this reason, How much does a mobile app cost? is a question that can't be answered quickly. It is also important to make sure that your developer knows about your idea thoroughly before they provide you with an estimate. After all, if you ask them to fix their price, you will need to fix your expectations.

View9 has a thorough procedure on how to approach every project and ensure that any instruction is documented and interpretation is minimised. We develop our SRS documents to IEEE standards which is internationally recognised as a standard in documentation for software development. This professional approach also allows us to get to know you and your project much better. Which in-turn benefits our clients with a much sharper price and more polished product.

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