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We are over 5 years old and have over 20 talented web and mobile app developers located in our offices across the globe.

We are passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity & honesty

View9 is young group of innovative minds combined with years of experience in business marketing and management, united to provide high quality and trustworthy services in the areas of mobile application and web software development to meet the custom requirements of clients globally.

We are a digital company from the lap of Everest and beaches of Australia offering world-class mobile apps and web based software.

Our Story

How we met is a really long story. It was really an alignment of stars and luck that brought us together. The company started out with 3 of us in August of 2011, with a plan to develop websites for SMEs. We had worked together previously on a freelance project and really respected each others work ethics, and so, decided to form a company. Our workload increased and we were asked to develop our first mobile application.

In 2012 we started advertising specifically for mobile app development projects, before long we were looking for our own full time developers to cover our increasing workload.

In 2013, we had out first whole company team building event at the Fort Resort just outside Kathmandu in Nepal (pictured above).

2014 started becoming really busy and we had grown to a size of over 20 staff for the first time.

in 2015 Nepal experienced a massive earthquake which fortunately did not destroy our office and none of our people were severely injured. We moved to a larger office in Kathmandu that was built to more modern standards.

2016 was a great year for us for recognition withoin our industry, we were featured in web design inspiration publications in China and Australia, and was lucky enough to be selected to work with several high profile national brands. We also established a global support network which enables us to remain productive around the clock.

Trust and commitment is what makes View9 the successful company it is today. We expect 2017 will be another fantastic year with many exciting opportunities to come our way.

Many people fear offshore development, and some of that fear is justified, You must have a high degree of trust and a great working relationship to have a successful offshore operation, fortunately our bond couldn't be stronger in View9.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about solving problems with simplicity, honesty and clarity. We have always believed in delivering the highest standard of work, whatever size the project or product.

Our Mission

View9 develops world class mobile applications and web based software. View9 is a leader in design with our responsive website and mobile application interfaces. View9 provides innovation in business operations and disrupts the status quo.

Our Vision

We see ourselves to be one of the leaders of the software industry in South East Asia. On top of that, our innovation in software products improves the quality of people's lives.

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