The original multiplayer golf scorecard app

35,000+ golf course scorecards from across the globe ready for you to play immediately at your preferred course. Play golf, not with your phone. Let Golfkeeper keep score.

Taking the math out of golf

Social golfers want a handicap, but quickly find it is just too difficult to calculate with the complex algorythms.

Enter Golfkeeper. Simply enjoy your game and leave the math to us.

"Golfkeeper allows you to spend more time socialising in the clubhouse, without worrying about having to tally scores and work out handicaps, it also improves the competitive nature of golf since the live scoring shows who is winning all the way around the course."
Joel Shapcott, Golfkeeper founder
Golfkeeper phone

Golfing Purists love Golfkeeper

Golfkeeper features a simplistic and minimal interface, allowing you to focus on your game, and not waste your time working out how to use a mobile app.

Watch the video to see how it works

Less math, more golf.

Golfkeeper features 4 of the worlds most popular handicapping methods for you to select from. Golfkeeper uses the official calculation methods to work out your handicap, so you can be sure that you can play a competitive round without worrying if your handicap is correct.

Golfkeeper was designed with simplicity in mind. Golfers are time poor and don't want to mess around with phones and apps on the course, with this in mind, we designed Golfkeeper to be picked up and used quickly, with its primary function to keep your total hole score only.

It is our belief that mobile apps should not be used on the course, but the reality is that in this day and age where everyone has one, why not use it to make your game of golf simpler and more enjoyable?

We intentionally left out GPS shot assistance, counting putts and fairways in regulation because those things only interfere with your game and drain your battery.

Key Features

Golfkeeper augmented social golf scorecard mobile app

There are a lot of apps out there, why Golfkeeper?
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer
  • Team scoring
  • Real time calculation
  • Automatic handicapping
  • Simplistic Operation

Goodbye wet cards

And broken pencils! Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and Golfkeeper provides 35000+ scorecards from golf courses from across the globe.

Cross Platform

Enter your score and your friends scores as you putt out, Golfkeeper automatically tallies your groups scores on the spot regardless of which type of phone you own.

Automatic Handicap

Forget trying to learn a complex algorithym to work out your handicap, Golfkeeper does it automatically for you, using your choice of the 4 official methods of calculation.

Enjoy your round with Golfkeeper

Spend no time in the clubhouse tallying your score! Golfkeeper's automatic scoring and handicapping allows you to spend more time socialising and enjoying your round of golf.
"Golfkeeper is the traditional cardboard scorecard experience enhanced and modernised for mobile phones."
Bhupal Rawal, Co-Founder

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